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KILLER SILVER – For the Finest in Tattooing

Killer Silver is a New York, USA, based professional tattoo equipment manufacturer. We specialized for manufacturing our own 7 bottle unique gray-wash system developed by Caesar called “The se7en Deadly Shades”. We also provide basic tattoo supply for the fellow tattoo artists to fill up their shipping box with additional necessary items.

What is the difference between tattoo needles and tattoo needle cartridges?

Traditional tattoo needles are a group of needles that are soldered together to make a tattoo needle on bar. The full length of this assembly is about 5”, and there is a loop at the end of the bar, which hooks onto the armature bar. In this open configuration, the needle tips are always exposed.

Over the years, tattooing equipment has improved; not just the tattoo ink and its manufacturing practices, or tattoo machines and their functionality, but the tattooing needles and their safety as well. That’s how the safety tattoo cartridge was born. The great idea behind this feature is that the needle tip is only exposed while the tattoo machine is running. As soon as you stop tattooing, the membrane mechanism pulls the needle back into the cartridge, thus keeping the tattoo artist safe from being exposed to the needle tips. 

The tattoo cartridge is a 2.5” long assembled mechanism that houses the tattoo needles safely inside. The needle configuration is glued into a plastic piece called the plunger, and the plunger is hosted in a plastic house which is sealed closed by the membrane cap. The membrane is the mechanism that continuously pulls the tattoo needles back into the housing.

Today, tattoo cartridges are all disposable, made for only one client, and consist of only one needle type system. We don’t reuse or sterilize cartridges. This way, all cross-contamination is drastically reduced, providing the highest level of customer safety.

How are REBEL Tattoo Cartridges different from other brands?

REBEL tattoo cartridges are designed for high performance and precision tattooing. Amid a flooded tattoo supply market, the REBEL lineup of tattoo equipment can be trusted for its high-quality production and affordable pricing – all along with the peace of mind that these products have been created by a fellow tattoo artist who won’t settle for anything less than great tattooing equipment. As tattoo artists ourselves, we don’t sell or promote anything we don’t use, because we know what good equipment is!