Pick your own FREE SAMPLE shades from KILLER SILVER ultimate selection
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Killer Silver 3 bottle selection of yours


Why is Killer Silver offering FREE SAMPLES of the ULTIMATE gray-wash system called "The se7en Deadly Shades"?

We offer three bottles in 0.5oz capacity out of the seven of your choice as FREE SAMPLE assortment to give tattoo artists an opportunity to try and fall in love with out gray-wash development.

Killer Silver is between the very first manufacturing companies who offers pre-mixed gray-wash tattoo ink since 2013. We are aware of how crowded the market is right now.

You see brands with different ingredients, consistency and prices. Some of these work perfectly fine; but then again, many of them do not. And the next question is whether the working ones have honest manufacturing practice behind them with food grade ingredients and health certificates or just some unknown full with toxins inkjet printer ink is repackaged and sold as drawing ink for the tattoo industry causing who knows what kind of health issues.

We know all of this because we keep our eyes on the market. Therefore, we know our position on the lack of quality you get for value. So, we’d like you to experience our products instead, and confirm that we’re right about it.

Try the Killer Silver SAMPLE Variety pack.

Killer Silver is giving you a little appetizer before you get a taste for the entire menu.

We’re giving you a chance to try out three shades of your pick from "The se7en Deadly Shades" that we manufacture here in USA. So ,you can experience them for yourself and get a feel for it. See how effortlessly it goes to the skin, how easy to wipe it off and how beautifully silverish it is when fully healed.

We hope that you inspect the bottle, the label, the twist top with the sealer, smell it, and ultimately, love it!

We are giving you the freedom to pick and choose any three out of the se7en shades. We do not force you to get what we think you need or give you leftover or lest selling tattoo ink; keep this in mind.

You will get three 0.5oz capacity size bottles that contains the same batch of tattoo ink what we have on the retail bottles on the shelf.

KILLER SILVER Tattoo Ink is a worthy competitor to top brands such as Silverback, Eternal- or World Famous, Pantera or Carbon Black gray-washes.

We put pride into our manufactured products and hoping that you will enjoy our effort and development.

The continuous quality check inspection during the manufacturing process assures the required continuous quality level and ink consistency in each and every batch we sell.