Killer Silver Tattoo Ink

In the early 1990s, before the advent of the internet as we know it, before the ease at which information now exchanges hands and minds – many “Eastern Block” tattoo artists behind the “iron curtain” were left to blaze their own trail in the art of putting ink in skin. Working solely from the underground, tattooists relied on friends and acquaintances living abroad in England and the United States to procure their inks and supplies. They were at the mercy of whatever would make it into the country, and show up at their doorstep in small unmarked packages. This resulted in artists having to relearn the way that each different ink brand healed, faded and reacted to their unique touch.


Caesar “The Hun” is one of the most prolific artists to emerge from Hungary in that era. A self-taught artist, Caesar began mastering his craft from deep within the shadows of smoky bars and backrooms. Even in these conditions, he had an ingrained sense of safety. Perhaps this obsession came from watching his veterinarian father prep his instruments with the utmost care; but he did what he could with the products he had, to ensure he always maintained the highest standard of care possible.


“A few years after I started tattooing in the mid 90’s back in Hungary, I bumped into a significant problem: I didn’t know how to create my own shades, to be able to tattoo the way I can draw, because there was no premixed gray-wash on the market. So I started experimenting to mix my own…”       
Imagine a sketch artist picking up a pencil, and not knowing the exact shade of grey that pencil would produce. The notion alone is counterintuitive, and simply unacceptable when considered in the realm of permanent tattoo ink. But yet, that very uncertainty has been prevalent in tattooing all along. With an obvious void in need of filling, Caesar devised a calculated grey scale system, which he could use to manipulate the ink so that it could match the diverse gray scale range he sought to achieve in each piece. “The Caesar Formula” or what Caesar now calls, “The Se7en Deadly Shades” is his own decade old, tried and trued method; but with his technique perfected, Caesar then turned his attention to his medium.


“A Tattooist should never have to fight their tools to achieve what they want; rather, every tool should work for the artist in achieving the desired outcome.”
Caesar spent over a decade mixing, creating, and testing his own inks to be used as “The Se7en Deadly Shades”. Once he achieved the perfect mix of ingredients (the formula), it afforded him endless possibilities, allowing him to translate what he could draw on paper into what he could now scratch into the skin – all while properly healing and, most importantly, standing up to the stressors of time. The outcome: a tattoo ink that works FOR the artist AND for the customer. This is how “The Formula” was born.


But instead of giving in to an industry where most tattoo ink companies approach artists and purchase their recommendation and backing, Caesar took his own creation, and searched for a manufacturer that would match and exceed his own love for tattooing, allowing him to develop the best possible medium, while keeping his high standard for customer safety paramount.


By this time, Caesar’s technique had become famous worldwide, prompting top artists near and far to plead and beg with him to reveal the secrets of, “The Se7en Deadly Shades” formula. And so, after years of convincing, KILLER SILVER INK and Caesar have answered these requests on a global scale, by pairing together to create the most meticulously formulated ink ever brought to market. Made with all safe, non-allergenic ingredients, and non-carcinogenic materials, every ingredient of KILLER SILVER INK is FDA and EU approved, and has even passed the German legislated sterilization standard for commercial tattoo ink – the only standard that has been federally implemented by any country.


Unlike other brands, KILLER SILVER INK focuses solely on manufacturing the gray scale ink system. They do not produce any other colors, nor do they cater to developing new color pigments for tattooing use – much like Caesar and his tattooing style.


“The Se7en Deadly Shades” is the most consistent grey wash formula in the industry, with precisely designed shades that span from 100% black, to a subtle 6% black – satisfying not only Caesar’s discerning taste, but all artists alike. The system is constructed from a 6-bottle range of black ink shades, and includes the seventh ink – white – for highlighting, to create the perfect 3D illusion. The 6 black inks lighten in the following progression: 100%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 12%, 6%, and lastly, 100% white.


These 6 black ink shades are so versatile, they can also be used in a post-mix scenario, which increases the shade range from 6 up to 13 different values. This gives the artist a complete scale of grey, as if they were using pencil, to precisely and consistently achieve the fine details and distinct values that most pieces of work involve. It is details like these that artists have not been able to match – until now.


“Not only do “The Se7en Deadly Shades” free you as an artist – they free you from the worry of inconsistency in shade and quality, allowing you to focus on your work, while eliminating any uncertainty in what the tattoo will look like once it’s healed.”
After using KILLER SILVER INK and “The Se7en Deadly Shades” system, the confidence in quality and ease of use will make KILLER SILVER INK the last line of grey wash you will ever have to try.