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We are located just off of New York, NY. All US orders and distributors supplied from this warehouse.

Our second warehouse is located in Szeged, HUNGARY supplying the EU market timely and economically.

Depending on your location we will find out the best option to ship your orders out.

We are welcoming all sizes of organizations to become our distributor from all around the world.

Please fill up the bellow application as precisely as you can including your questions and requests to us.

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Killer Silver Distributor Proposal

At Killer Silver Ltd., we are dedicated to creating a trusted, honorable business relationship with our Authorized Distributors. Our main goal is to assure both a fair market price and profitability for all sides of the business relationship, and to keep the fellow Tattoo Artist happy with our product while doing so. To help allow the Killer Silver™ brand and product to perform well in market, we provide different marketing materials and services for our distributors, from countertop point of purchase displays to social media shout-outs.

Contact us for more information and details on starting a profitable relationship with Killer Silver Ltd., and don’t forget to ask about the many added benefits, including:

    •     exclusive pricing
    •     newsletter recognition
    •     our exclusive Authorized Distributor badge
    •     social media shout-outs
    •     and more!

To ensure that the Killer Silver brand is kept authentic in market and to protect the integrity of our distributor relationships, we do not sell our product on eBay.

Authorized Distributor Batch - Killer Silver

The name Killer Silver refers to how beautifully the silver-like ink appears after healing – KILLING it! Every tattoo artist wants to know how the ink will look after healing; the best way to describe it is simply by taking a look at Caesar’s portfolio – from any point in his professional career – and you will see.

We have been asked why our product is different from the competitors.

We have 7 good reasons:

    1. Pride – This is an artist-developed Gray Wash Set that’s really made in the USA. The manufacturing facility is located in Elmsford, New York, and not in China. Caesar supervises the manufacturing process himself.
    2. Honor – We turned Caesar’s OWN tried and true formula into a tested and safe working commercial product, and Caesar is behind both the production and quality control; not the way around, where the lab chemist puts an ink together and slaps a well-known artist’s name on the product for marketing and sales purposes.
    3. Safety – Killer Silver is one of the very few US companies who have been legally approved for sale – not black listed – in the EU market. Our product contains no carcinogens or allergenic ingredients. We went thorough every step of production by the books, to satisfy even the most strict German regulations in order to not cause any health issues with our products. We sleep well after the sale, because we manufacture a honest product with food-grade ingredients.
    4. Simplicity – Killer Silver Ltd. specializes in manufacturing this Gray-Wash Set, therefore we know all of the ins and outs of the product. We know the science too, because we manufacture it and bottle it in-house.
    5. Consistency – We provide a consistent Gray-Wash system for our fellow tattoo artists, allowing them to be able to create their own art while they eliminate the guess work from their routine. That means no more home mixing in the kitchen! Once you learn how the shades heal, you will get the same shade from each bottle every time.
    6. Results – Killer Silver ink can achieve a full spectrum of black and gray perfection, from the most pitch-dark blacks to the most subtle light grays you can imagine. When this Gray-Wash Set’s 6 versatile black shades are used in a post-mix scenario, they can be increased to a range of up to 13 different values.
    7. Authenticity – Our products are backed up with our carefully hand picked “Se7en Deadly Artists” from all over the world. You can see them on the full set of packaging.

Killer Silver Product Line

We specialize in manufacturing this Gray-Wash Set made from Caesar’s tried and true formula that he’s personally been using for over a decade. This is all we do, and we take pride in it.

All shades of gray are available in 4 different sizes: .5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, except the Killer Silver 100% and Killer Silver WHITE, which also come in 8oz size.

Tattoo Ink capacity availability

The seven bottle ULTIMATE SET available in 3 different sizes:

    • Killer Silver 1oz Set: Contains 1oz size of all 7 shades.
    • Killer Silver 2oz Set: Contains 2oz size of all 7 shades.
    • Killer Silver 4oz Set: Contains 4oz size of all 7 shades

Killer X Mixer

Mix your own

We scientifically developed a mixer solution called Killer X Mixer™ For those artists who are still the slave of their own habits and still want to mix their own shades. This is a professional tattoo ink mixing formula, which makes the artist capable of creating their own custom shades. It is much better than water, because it is enhanced with Witch Hazel, PEG-8, and Glycerin, helping the pigment to build into the skin structure. This product is certified and registered in the EU market.

Available in individual 4.4oz, 8.5oz and 33.8oz Refill bottle sizes.


We sponsor 7 of the top tattooists in the world who use and stand by the quality and consistency of our Killer Silver ink line. These seven artists are exclusive to us, meaning we do not offer full sponsorship to any additional artists. This way, we can keep the quality high and stay exclusive. We don’t want to dilute the integrity of our brand by sponsoring everybody, regardless of the quality of their work. Our Marketing strategy revolves around the number 7.

Our slogan for this gray wash set is: “The se7en Deadly Shades”

We participate in around 12-25 international tattoo conventions all over the world, including Frankfurt, Philadelphia, London, Stockholm, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Hell City, Paradise Tattoo Gathering, Berlin, and Brussels – just to mentioning a few. Normally there is one Killer Silver sales person who is backed up by one or more Killer Silver sponsored artists.

We reach our clients through social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) and newsletter marketing also.

We run print media advertisements in different industry-specific magazines that reach a global scale – this allows our clients to see that we are dedicated to reaching our customers beyond distributors. In addition, this gives them an idea that customers/consumers/tattooists will see the product.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Killer Silver Ltd. is a US based company. The sales and production happen in Elmsford, NY. We have a 3000 sq. ft. facility set up with the complete machinery required to be able to manufacture our tattoo ink from scratch. We don’t do contract jobs – we are solely dedicated to Killer Silver. Our warehouse is located in NY, as well as our offices and our research lab. All product manufacturing is supervised by Caesar; since his name is on the label, he insists that he check on the quality of each and every batch. We only use food grade ingredients for product safety.

The ink manufacturing, bottling and packaging happens in house as well, meaning we don’t rely on anybody else – except for the sterilization company, who’s schedule is 10-14 days – to satisfy just about any size order. To keep this schedule running smoothly, we ask our distributors to give us a 2-3 weeks heads up in a case of an unusually big order. Our production capacity is big enough to keep our distributors and clients happy, while also being able to keep the promised delivery dates.

We intend to supply The Americas, Australia and Asia from our US location, and we have an EU importer company called Killer Silver Europe Ltd. set up in Szeged, Hungary, that takes care of the European and Russian distribution.

Will distributors have exclusive territory?

No, it’s too hard to regulate territories, as most of our distributors will be doing the majority of their business on the web.

Killer Silver retail prices

Prices DO NOT contain the sales tax amount.

Individual Bottle Prices

  Volume (bottle size) Net Price (US)

    • 1oz – $9.00
    • 2oz – $17.20
    • 4oz – $28.80
    • 8oz – $43.20

Set Prices – 7 Bottles Shade

  Volume (bottle size) Net Price (US

    • 1oz Set – $56.70
    • 2oz Set – $102.33
    • 4oz Set – $161.28

We work with a flat rate WHOLESALE discount system, with a $500 minimum.

Product Safety

Every and all of our products are EU CERTIFIED and STERILIZED. We keep product safety on the top of our priority list thus doesn’t mind the money and time to get this done as we feel this a necessary step. Our products are treated by gamma ray to kill all bacteria inside and out on the bottles. This radioactive radiation like light, just passes thru the product, doesn’t stay, doesn’t contaminate. It is one of the safest liquid sterilization procedure. Mainly used in the food and medical industry.

Killer Silver™ offers a 36-month/3-year shelf life for all ink products. Expiration dates and lot numbers are printed on the bottom of each individual bottle.

We are aware that within the tattoo industry, there are brands on the market that sell extremely well because they look beautiful on the skin after healing, and because we have been using them for decades since there was never an appropriate replacement (Indian Ink, Pelican Ink). They are inexpensive and seem to work fine thus far. However, the fact is that these products are not designed for the tattoo industry, so they still contain all sorts of ingredients to make the product perform better. BUT many of these ingredients are CARCINOGENIC, and can potentially cause cancer after sitting in the skin for decades, especially since they were never designed to do so.

Other inks (One, Dynamic, etc.) are mostly manufactured in China, and are banned from the EU market because their CARCINOGEN content exceeds the safety level.

When is comes to black tattoo ink, it requires knowledge and dedication to develop a formula that combines the features that will allow the ink to pass the strict EU testing. Here’s a little insight: the black pigment C.I.77266 is a non-soluble ingredient that the surfactant keeps floating in the solution. This is quite a challenge, as you only have a handful of ingredients that are capable of doing so, and on top of it all, we use ONLY FOOD GRADE ingredients, which extremely narrows down our usable prospects. This trial and error period takes time, which is exactly what we went through while developing our formula. And thanks to Caesar’s kindness, hard work, and tedious hours…Killer Silver Gray-Wash Set was born.

We know that casualties are not a smart factor in sales, but how can you sleep at night knowing that you sell a product that might kill people in the long run? Is that couple of dollars you might earn really worth that much?

We at Killer Silver Ltd. created a product combining these two features: SAFETY and USABILITY!

This was the main reason why we entered the European market, got all of the proper certificates, went through all of the burocratic administration registration processes – for peace of mind, and knowing that we did everything in our power to do an honest job.


For orders and future communications please use our dedicated email address to avoid any potential complications. If you feel more comfortable to talk to us, our phone number is : +1.914.500.2233

Order form : DistributorOrderSheet.pdf

We prefer a written Purchase Order to filled out our order sheet.

Distributors HAVE to buy the inventory – Cash on delivery.

NO products will be given to the distributors for free or on a credit basis – If you are worried that you will not be able to sell all of the products that you have in your inventory – Killer Silver will offer a buy back in the shape as you got it.

For on-shelf quantity we require prompt payment. Payment must be made in US Dollars ($), no exceptions.

 We accept:

    • Major credit cards
    • Checks, but ship only once the check clears (slower option)
    • Wire (either domestic or international)

Name of our Company: Killer Silver Ltd.  Address of our Company : 5 Nepperhan Ave, Suite: KS, Elmsford, NY, 10523
Name of Our Bank: M&T Bank
Swift Code: ???
Routing Number: 022000046
Account Number: 9872810008
Our Bank Address: 218 Saw Mill River Rd, Elmsford, NY 10523
Bank Phone: (914) 345-0571


Shipping only happens once the invoice is paid.

The freight fee is the buyer’s responsibility along all customs fees if applicable.

There is two ways to take care of this:

    1. You arrange your shipping company for the pickup in the allotted time. We don’t charge for the shipping. It is all on you, thus we try to be as precise as possible in calculating your weight and CBM in advance so you can get a rough estimate at the time of P.O. (Purchase Order).


    1. We use our shipping carrier, FEDEX ,UPS,DHL,TNT  and charge you for their service.

Pick up location is:
Killer Silver Ltd.
5 Nepperhan Ave, Suite: KS Elmsford, NY, 10523, USA

We have a loading dock available on the back of the building (access from Vreelend Ave) weekdays between 8am-4.30pm EST (sharp) except for US holidays.

Thank you

Killer Silver Ltd.