KILLER SILVER tattoo ink and supply manufacture always scouting new distributors worldwide to make our signature products available for more fellow tattoo artists.


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Killer Silver willing to reach and share its manufactured unique product with more and more tattoo artists all over the world. This is happening thru the distributor network. Distributors buy the product in bulk, thus the end user ( tattoo artist ) is able to get it in there country. Same quality, same product straight from the manufacturer.

How does it work?

Killer Silver offers wholesale discount for the distributor to cover the shipping cost and the assure the reseller’s profit, this way price match is guaranteed in the US. 

Distributors can be domestic or international.

Domestic distributors has no additional fees beside the shipping cost, thus able to sell Killer Silver manufactured product for the same price as we do.

International Distributors (outside the US) need to calculate with additional factors like custom/tariff fees that might raise the price compare to the US price and they became an imported that involves legal liability in there own country for the imported products.

Why is $9 dollar US tattoo ink cost 12Euro in Germany?

The response is pretty simple. First lets convert USD to Euro, so $9 = ~7.60 Euro. Importer pays the shipping from US to EU. When the product enters Europe the importer (distributor) needs to pay ~7-10% customs for tattoo ink depending what European country it is arriving as they have different rules thus the price is up to 8.36Euro but the story is not over just yet. In order to get the product on the distributor’s shelf the local sales tax/ VAT needs to be paid that is 20-30% in Europe depending on the importing country.

Therefore the product cost ends up around 10.86Euro plus the broken down shipping fee + the currency fluctuation  and this is how you end up with 12Euro retail price.