REBEL Precision Technology

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

REBEL Precision Technology

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

REBEL Precision Technology

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

REBEL Precision Technology

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Why REBEL Precision tattoo cartridges?

Killer Silver is dedicated to quality, that's why it decided to carry the REBEL brand out of the flood of other tattoo cartridge brands. The classic looking 2pcs cartridges already vote credibility with the clear tip and signature red membrane cap.


REBEL's high-performance Precision Technology system stabilizes the needles the most effectively; thus you can make your breath taking crispy liners and keep your customers happy and satisfied. The advanced membrane system is assuring the silent operation and perfect sealing not to splash the ink to your tattoo grip.

These 304 Stainless steel needle configurations are extremely well soldered together and glued into the plunger with a NASA grade glue.

Membrane won't break and the needle will not fall out if you use REBEL Precision cartrdges.

With this innovative tattoo cartridges system, changing tattoo needles during a tattoo session is easier than ever. These cartridge configurations satisfy the health and hygiene authorities and well satisfies the tattoo artists’ most delicate needs to create a signature tattoo.


It saves time for the artist and pain for the client, because the artist is capable of working faster and causing less trauma for the body; thus recovery/ healing is faster. This meets the highest hygiene standards as well. Further, the smooth undercarriage causes less trauma to the skin and offers comfort to the client.

Definition of tattoo needle cartridge

Tattoo cartridge is an entire little device, also called a module, that houses the tattoo needle. 

How is it a big deal? What is the idea with this cartridge system?

With one world: Tattoo artist safety, every and each time you stop your tattoo machine the needle is being pulled back to its plastic housing thus you can not accidentally poke yourself and got infected with your customers disease potentially like HIV, Hepatitis-C or other blood transmitted disease.

This is an innovative idea that reforms the tattoo industry in many ways. The useful and important features of this product are as follow:

  • Less Setup Time: All you need is one tattoo machine with your favorite barriers around it and the cartridges you will use. That’s it. Not like in the old days when you needed to set up multiple devices with different needle configurations.
  • Easy to Change: Changing needles is as fast as you can exchange the cartridges in your tattoo machine.
  • Disposable: It is for single use only, and you can throw it away after use. This will prevent cross-contamination between artist and client. 
  • Artists Safety: We do not expose the needle tip when not running the tattoo machine; thus it is safe for both artist and client.

Killer Silver only sells REBEL Precision tattoo cartridges. These tattoo cartridges are designed with the classic 2-piece housing system. Moreover, all precision cartridges have a signature red membrane cap. 

Also, there is no use of glue between the clear tip and black housing pieces. These are two separate pieces and just snap together without a problem. Moreover, they won’t fall off during the tattooing session. It is the main reason behind this structure versus the one-piece system.

Further, our tattoo artists can easily remove the clear tip during the tattooing session to clean it quickly from clogged up skin, paper and ointment pieces. It keeps the configuration of the needle at 100% sharpness and not dull or clogged.

11 Reasons why to choone REBEL Precision cartridges:

  • Safety – The membrane system of these cartridges keep the sharp needle points inside the cartridge at off operation time, and save you from getting infected with the client’s blood. Ethylene Oxide sterilization (EO) for client safety.
  • Precision – Long needle tapering gives you the ultimate control and the finest lines
  • High Performance –  membrane system is the best of all
  • Compatibility – These tattoo cartridges are compatible with most grips
  • Stability – It features wobble-free REBEL precision technology
  • Healing – Optimized medium tapered needles are best for least skin trauma and optimal pigment placement.
  • Consistency – Above all, 10 point quality check ensures REBEL precision needle quality. All tattoo cartridges are made of surgical grade 304 stainless steel. Further, NASA-grade glue offers consistency.
  • Innovation – Manufacture with the highest grade materials
  • Variety – Wide selection of needle configurations
  • Technology – Latest needle tapering technique for the best ink flow and optimal design
  • Credibility – In addition, Rebel tattoo needle cartridges are best for all tattoo artists in the world

Configurations of  REBEL Tattoo Needles at Killer Silver

REBEL Tattoo cartridge at Silver Killer comes with over 50 needle configurations in four major categories.

  • Precision Round Liner cartridges 
  • Precision Round Shader cartridges 
  • Precision Magnum cartridges 
  • Precision Curved Magnum cartridges

We supply the highest available quality for all tattoo cartridges. Further, the different needle configurations serve different tattooing techniques.

How REBEL Tattoo cartridges at Killer Silver are different from other competitors?

Tattoo needle cartridges at Silver Killer are specifically designed for high-performance tattooing.

Packaging: Each tattoo cartridge packed with blister packaging, EO gas sterilized and fully inspected 
In addition, blister trays are packed in recyclable paper boxes and ready to go
Available in 10- and 20pc assortment