It was fall of 2010 when one of our now top-level executives just had the pleasure of getting tattooed by Caesar. All it took was a few hours of torture and he was hooked. After years and years of searching for the right tattoo artist to work with in producing his/her own ink formula, it was in that one moment he knew that Caesar was the one, and this was the ink that he needed to manufacture. This is how our story started.

When we formerly approached Caesar to mass-produce his career-long developed gray-wash tattoo ink system, he, like many artists, was reluctant to just give his precious formula away. Despite the likely profitability of such a partnership, many other tattoo artists also shared that same instinct to keep their secrets to themselves; our leadership knew this, but was not willing to accept it.

While researching many different ink formulas and the artists associated with them, we took note of the webinars and seminars Caesar was hosting. The secrets of his mysterious formula and Caesarian circle (the way in which Caesar sets up his ink system set up on his workstation) were being divulged to those who the attended, but not a suitable product for them to use their newly acquired knowledge and skill set with.  Caesar quickly realized that without the proper product availability – on a global scale – the knowledge he passed on did not have the proper vehicle to express the skills taught. This was precisely the breakthrough what we were looking for. 



The next landmark in out story was 2012. We once again approached Caesar in hopes of collaborating and finally releasing his mysterious formula for the public. Caesar, knowing we had just the vehicle he needed to transport his knowledge to the masses, relinquished his stubborn mindset and signed the deal with us into action. First thing we had to do is find the name for the product. We proposed to call that Caesar’s ink but he refused it and instead made a list of 8-10 potential names for the product line. We called around friends right away and read the list of names to them to find THE BEST ONE. This is how the name KILLER SILVER™ came to existence. And so it was on that day in Denver, CO, USA, Killer Silver Ltd. and the brand was born.

Early years

In 2014, after a year of refining and perfecting the ink formula on a commercial scale, Killer Silver proudly announced that Caesar’s formula, known as the “The se7en Deadly Shades”, is available world-wide.
Today, KILLER SILVER™ runs their entire operation – including a manufacturing facility, warehouse, research lab, and home base – out of Elmsford, NY. Killer Silver was created specifically for manufacturing Caesar’s gray-wash formula, making us a truly specialized manufacturer. Since our inception, we have never intended to take the market over – we simply want to create a reliable and comfortable tool for everyone in the tattoo industry to use, with high manufacturing standards, affordable prices, and a clear conscious!

Ink specifications

It is our goal to manufacture a product with two fundamental features:
    • SAFETY: to maintain the highest standards of safety possible
    • USABILITY: to satisfy even the pickiest artists on the planet
Our products are EU certified, meaning they satisfy even the strictest German regulations, which proudly makes us one of the very few US companies who can legally sell our product on the EU market. In addition, our tattoo ink is STERILIZED – an extra safety procedure – just to eliminate the miniscule chance of contamination in the product. We will continue to meet with industry leading chemists and lab technicians to make sure both the facility and the advanced safety procedures are always as up-to-date as possible.

The Ink

KILLER SILVER™ gray-wash set is the result of Caesar’s closely guarded secret formula, which he spent over a decade developing and perfecting. This meticulously adjusted gray wash shade system satisfies all types of tattooing styles and techniques. By merging secrets of artistic tradition like Caesar’s with the technological innovation and safety that Killer Silver holds to such high standards, top-performing artists around the world will be able to create the perfect ink for their unique methods of tattooing. In turn, this will enable other artists to harness the power of those combined years of experience to push their own tattoo work to remarkable levels.

Our goal

At KILLER SILVER™, we aim to enhance the public knowledge of black & gray tattooing, while also giving support to our fellow tattoo artists who have any doubts or unanswered questions about this medium. To truly show artists and clients worldwide what this ultimate gray-wash set is capable of, we have selected 7 world-renowned tattooists who each embody Killer Silver’s unique way of unleashing creative potential. In doing so, we hope to elevate the industry to a higher art form level overall.
Our Story was aiming to give you a better understand about our business concept and our history in a nutshell how we got to the distributors retail shelf from a safely guarded kitchen mixing.